Welcome To Hawthorndene Primary School

From 1957, local residents wrote to the Education department and Parliamentarians requesting a school at Hawthorndene because of the expected increase in number of residents. At that time children had to walk from ‘Blackwood Estate’ to and from Blackwood school (a distance of 2 miles each way no matter what the weather).

After a meeting on the 31st March 1960 in the Baptist Church, corner of Pasteur Ave and Myrtle Road which 31 residents attended a committee was formed to petition the government. Finally 8 acres of land was requisitioned and advice regarding the building of the school was given in the Advertiser in 1962.

The school opened on 25th May 1965 with 154 pupils, most of who transferred from Blackwood. At the mid-year intake on 28th June, another 9 boys and 9 girls commenced school. Students occupied only 4 classrooms as a result of older children choosing not to transfer from their current school. The following year there were 215 students and 5 teachers.

A steadfast feature of the school has been its community focus. This is evident today with a strong sense of belonging and pride in the school amongst the students, staff and parents.

The school is pleased to present a challenging and engaging curriculum supported by a caring and experienced staff. There is a focus on the needs of the individual and an endeavour to challenge each student to achieve their full potential.

Students are encouraged to participate in the broad scope of activity offered by the school and in particular become involved with the music and sporting opportunities provided.
Hawthorndene Primary School has an app for iPhone or Androids. The app allows parents to stay in communication with the school through receiving text messages, and can be used to tell the school about student absences. For instructions on downloading the app. please click here.

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