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From the Principal

Dear Families,

We have passed the halfway mark for Term 4 and the number of events successfully facilitated by staff and students has been enjoyed by everyone.

Japanese Festival

Senseii once again planned a day of activities reflecting Japanese culture. Well, done to the HPS Taiko drummers who performed at the opening assembly. Our early years classes then had the opportunity to try Taiko drumming and participated enthusiastically. Year 6 and 7 students planned and presented lessons across the school as part of their Semester 2 assessment. The Japanese stalls were a huge hit as was the lunch.

Thank you, Sensei, for all your efforts to ensure the day ran smoothly.

Choir and instrumental concert

This year, students travelled to Blackwood High School performing arts centre to have the opportunity to perform in a purpose-built venue. It was an entertaining night highlighting the talents of our students in recorder, drum, guitar, flute and strings. The choir trained by Lucy Pfeifer was outstanding with many students having the courage to perform solos.

Thank you, Ms Pfeifer, for coordinating the annual HPS performance.

Padnipadniya tirntu

It was wonderful to welcome families back on site for Padnipadniya tirntu (Sports Day). Many thanks to Mr Leiman for his organisation and the Year 6/7 sports leaders who were fantastic in supporting our R-3 classes on the Thursday.

Special thanks to all the families who attended under very cool and wet conditions. We are grateful all R-3 events were completed. Years 4 – 7 were adjusted very quickly to ensure it could continue in a modified form. Mr Leiman will ensure these classes participate in the planned relays, sometime soon. Points will be recorded, and the winning team announced when all events have been completed.

Congratulations to all students who participated enthusiastically.

Week 7

The Year 6 and 7 students venture to Noarlunga for their annual aquatics sessions. Next Thursday our Sapsasa cricket team will participate in the finals, and we wish them all the best.

Powerful Learners

Congratulations to: Declan C. and Lochie D. for their support and care of another student. Well done! Room 17 were recognised as Powerful Learner Champions for working together and cooperating in their learning.

Annual concert

Students, teachers and Ms Pfeifer are well into rehearsals for the annual concert. All students will rehearse on the morning of Wednesday 1st December and then perform for families that evening commencing at 6pm. In order to follow safe practices (although masks are not necessary outdoors), social distancing is still part of DfE requirements. Please keep this in mind as you assemble on the oval.

Should the weather be unfavourable, we will try to use the COMA to perform but this will require strategic timetabling so families can move under to watch their own child/ren and move away again for the next class.

Remembrance Day

The school acknowledged Remembrance Day with a very moving ceremony on Thursday 11th November. Originally planned as an outdoor event, the uncertainty about the weather meant the event was ‘Zoomed’ to all classes from the library. Senior students spoke well, recited the ode and called for a minute’s silence.

Many thanks to the talented Ms Pfeifer for playing the Last Post and The Rouse on her trumpet.

Bushfire preparations

Students have participated in the annual Term 4 bushfire drill and the school has been audited to ensure we are well prepared for the coming season. Attached to this newsletter is some information from SAPOL which the school has been asked to share with families.

End of term/year

With only 3 weeks to go, please continue to monitor Seesaw and Skoolbag for notifications.

Class Placement

As usual, this is a rigorous process with staff considering the needs of all students.

There is an excellent post by Madhavi Nawana Parker from Positive Minds Australia which parents are encouraged to read. It provides many wonderful ways that parents can help make the transition smoother to a new class/teacher for your child.

One of the points she makes is worth keeping in mind:

“Schools genuinely do their best with the class placement decision. If you are concerned, it is possible they are too but when weighing everything up, had no other direction to turn to. Supporting your child’s teachers and school is a crucial part of your child’s psychological and academic success there.”

Term 1 2022

Term 1 2022 commences for students on Monday 31st January. The school will be closed on Wednesday 26th January for the public holiday.

Enjoy the remainder of the term.

From the Deputy

The HPS community will welcome many new Reception students in 2022. These students will visit the school this week and next as a part of our Transition Program.

Hawthorndene Primary School and Hawthorndene Kindergarten work collaboratively towards shared goals. These goals are aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework and aim to be consistent with other department Kindergartens and as well as other early education centres.

-Recognise the importance of continuing to develop powerful learning attributes
-Continue to foster a strong relationship between parents, students, teachers, educators, and leaders
-Value the professional collaboration between Preschool and School teachers and educators

Please join me in welcoming our new families.

Resource Centre

Dear families,

It is hard to fathom that it is now so close to Christmas!!!

The library continues to be a great space for the students to visit at lunchtime and with their classes. Whether it is for relaxation at lunchtime, or perhaps to play the odd game of cards or chess, it is wonderful to see so many happy faces.

Prc Awards

All the PRC medals and certificates for first year have now been issued. All students who have achieved the 8 and 9 year status will receive their certificates at assembly this week.

Well done to everyone on a fantastic job throughout this difficult year.


Just letting you all know that we have sent out overdue notices and we would appreciate all overdue books coming back to the library. Please look out for notes that your child/ren may bring home. Books are on loan for 2 weeks. There are quite a few ‘reserved’ books requested at the moment so returning yours really helps us a lot. If we get the opportunity, we will Seesaw the overdue note out to parents. This may help as sometimes notices remain in ‘the bottom of the bag’ J

ALL books are to be returned back to the library by Friday of week 7.

Thank you everyone.

Pastoral Care

Here we are, the last few weeks of school before the end of the school year; for some, the end of an era here at Hawthorndene Primary.  As we prepare to say goodbye to some of our students, the book by Dr. Seuss came to mind, ‘Oh, the places you’ll go.’  If you haven’t read it, please find a copy and do!  This book was Dr. Seuss’ last hurrah, written for children as a means of addressing life’s obstacles and inspiring hope. Life is not always going to be easy but it’s in life’s challenges that we find opportunities to grow into the person we are becoming.  Walt Disney was told that he lacked imagination. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4 and didn’t read until he was 7.  Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.  With persistence and the right attitude all these people have proved the world wrong.

So as we prepare to move toward the end of the school year and beyond, remember this:

‘You have brains in your head

You have feet in your shoes

You can steer yourself

In any direction you choose.’

‘OH! THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!’         – Dr. Seuss

Student News

Years 4-7 got the opportunity to do a festival of music poster for next year’s cover of the choir book. Students had the theme of the ‘space between us’. Last year we had two finalists with Myah’s whale featuring in the book and Matilda’s poster coming first in the whole state. In our school we had 3 posters selected to represent Hawthorndene in this year’s competition. They were Matilda E. Milly J. and Isabel W. We wish these finalists all the best.

I drew a ghost and astronaut because it symbolised the ‘between’. The astronaut was imagining the ghost because he was alone. The radio in the background was to bring people closer. The colour of the scene was to pop against the black night sky and stars. The ghost and astronaut shows the past and future connecting together. Matilda E.

I drew two planets with one person on each with music floating between them. It matches the theme ‘the space between us’ because the two people are alone on different planets and cannot communicate, but the silence is filled with music. Milly J.

Choir and Instrumental Concert

On Wednesday the 10th of November Hawthorndene Primary School held its annual music concert, and what a show it was! There were a variety of different groups that performed including drums, guitars, strings, choir, flute and recorder. All the students involved put a huge amount of effort into practicing for the beautiful performance. This year to make the concert bigger, it was performed at the Blackwood High School auditorium. The concert was fantastic and an amazing way to finish the year.

Thank you to all the music teachers who helped the students prepare for the performance. Also, many thanks to Miss Pfeifer who made the concert happen.

By Adeline R.