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Dear Families,

Thankfully the cool summer has continued which has assisted students to transition back to school without the usual hot weather.

We are half way through the term and teaching and learning is well underway. Teachers are meeting in their learning teams to collaboratively plan inquiry units and families should have received semester overviews via Seesaw. Teachers are sending copies of class and school information and students learning via Seesaw so please ensure you are receiving.


The school continues to be a target for graffiti, deliberate damage and the dumping of rubbish. Please be vigilant after hours and report incidents to the police. The ongoing cost to repair and make good damage, directs funds away from school projects.

Lost Property

If items are named, they will eventually be returned to students, however, it would be better if students were mindful of their clothing, lunch boxes, drink bottles and were responsible for making sure they collected their property at the end of each day.

Parents and Friends

The AGM was conducted last Friday. Thank you to Rose Conlon for accepting the nomination and continuing as Chairperson. The P and F are keen supporters of the school providing the opportunity for families to build a sense of community. Meetings are usually held Friday mornings 2 – 3 times per term, everyone is welcome.

Student Free Day

On Friday all teachers and support staff will commence online training in a course facilitated by SERU (Special Education Resource Unit). This course entitled Personalised Learning will continue over term 2 and 3.  The aim is to further develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of all those working with children and young people, to ensure teaching and learning activities are adjusted to meet the specific needs of students.

Future Dates

Governing Council has approved following dates which have now been endorsed by DfE.

Friday 6th August SFD

Friday 3rd September Show Day

Friday 5th November SFD

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Teachers are working through the process for interviews to take place during weeks 9 and 10 of this term. It is anticipated parents can choose from phone, Zoom or face to face.

Lego Club is a place where you can relax, have fun and build Lego. The club was created by our very own Hayden C from room 10.

“Each week I create a theme for the build competition, where groups have to make the best build of the day” Hayden

Lego club is not just about the competition, you can come and just build for fun while making new friends.

You can find Lego Club in Room 12 & 13 every Thursday at lunchtime play.

SRC News

2021 is a special year as for the first-time year 6’s and 7’s are both graduating to high school for 2022. Due to this the student representative council will consist of both year 6’s and 7’s.

The year 7 members include Mani, Jared, Nina and Sakura. And the year 6’s includes Tilly, Rose, Angus and Thomas.

The SRC’s will be working really hard throughout the year with our school SAT’s (student action team) to implement student goals and continue to make the school a positive place to learn. Some of the goals we are going to implement is to re do the friendship bench and make it a more inviting place for students to come and meet new friends. We have also thought to change the sports day team names to Kaurna recognised names.


 On Friday the 19th of March Hawthorndene will be playing against Calvary School at home.

We are looking forward to the match and adding another win to the board.


For the first time, HPS will have two Japanese Leaders assisting Sensei throughout the year. We will be involved in the preparation and running of Japanese Festival Day, and running workshops at Japanese Club every Thursday lunchtime. This year, we have decided to create a ‘Crane Club’ with a goal of folding 1000 paper cranes to string together and send to the Peace Park in Hiroshima. We will have a few other small responsibilities throughout the year, such as Hiragana and Katakana testing and small Japanese items at Assembly.


Sakura and Adeline

Cultural Perspectives Focus Group

 The Cultural Perspectives Focus group was formed in 2017 and has been working as a group to ensure that Cultural Perspectives are being addressed inclusively and appropriately in classes and across the school. It has played an integral role in planning NAIDOC week and other important cultural events. We meet at least once a term and our first meeting is Wednesday 17th of March at 3:30pm.

If you would like to join this group, please email me so I can add you to mailing list.

Thank you

Tamara Jackett