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Dear Families,

What an amazing term. Students have had many opportunities to be engaged and excited by so many wonderful experiences. Camps and excursions have gone ahead and more are planned. Science week was facilitated by Nielen Prince with students sharing their learning with a whole school ‘Zoombly’. Book Week coordinated by Tam Jackett culminated with our annual Book Week parade where the array of costuming was phenomenal. The SRC helped plan and facilitate the Hawthorndene Royal Show and today the students were entertained by Music is Fun organised by Lucy Pfeifer.

Hopefully students have shared the wonderful memories they have of this term with their families.


Consideration for 2022 class structures is about to commence. If you have any further information that will affect your child’s access to the curriculum please forward this in writing to the school by the end of week 10.

Please remember this does not include requests for specific teachers. In 2021 the school will continue to use a software program to create our classes.


Reminder hats are now mandatory through to 1st May. Make sure hats are named so they can be returned if found in lost property. Students without a hat will sit in the shade of the COMA.

Oliphant Science Awards

Many thanks to one of our parents Christiana Schammer for facilitating the opportunity for students from HPS to enter this year’s Oliphant Science Awards.

Hawthorndene had the following 9 students enter the Oliphant Science Awards:

Reception – Thomas (photos), Isaac (poster)

Year 2 – Ellery (poster)

Year 3 – Alice (poster), Ngaire (poster), Sophia (photos)

Year 5 – Remi (photos)

Year 6 – Zoe (models/inventions), Tilly (multimedia)

Congratulations to Thomas who was a prize winner in the R-2 photo category. Isaac was a prize winner in the R-2 poster category. Remi, highly commended in the 5-6 photo category and Tilly who was also highly commended in the 5-6 Multimedia category. A great result for Hawthorndene!

Governing Council Policy Review

Part of the role of Governing Council is to review school policies. Earlier this year the new Department for Education (DfE) Mobile phone policy was reviewed and distributed for comment. The Bullying and Prevention policy and the Behaviour Support Policy have now been reviewed in line with DfE requirements. Feedback is welcome to the

Along with this review GC recommended a higher profile on the website for wellbeing resources and links. The resources suggested for families to support and strengthen children’s well-being can be found on the Parent Information dropdown/wellbeing.

Please take the time to visit and make use of these resources which include information on CyberSafety, the Australian Curriculum Health and PE component, Student Wellbeing Hub and Bullying. Thank you to our talented media SSO Leah Salangsang for her work on updating and maintaining the HPS website.


Our SRC demonstrated care and concern by organising donations of stationery for the people from Afghanistan quarantining in SA and now beginning to start a new life in our state.

As always, the Hawthorndene community responded magnificently. Last Friday 8 large boxes packed to capacity were collected by the organisation who will distribute our donations. Thank you on behalf of those less fortunate, another opportunity to pause and be grateful.


Unfortunately, there has been an increase in cases reported to the school. Please refer to the prevention and treatment information included with the newsletter below. Be diligent and follow the process so that hopefully the current outbreak can be eliminated.

Term 4

Plans are underway and fingers crossed that Sports Day and the annual school concert will go ahead. At this stage the school is hoping families will be able to attend in line with any guidelines that the Department for Education may require. You will have received details for swimming for R – 5 students and the Year 6/7 students are heading to Kangaroo Island.

End of term

The term ends on Friday 24th September with an early dismissal for students at 2.10pm. Please stay safe and well.

Music is Fun

On Thursday 9th of September, the fabulous ‘Music Is Fun Band’ came into our school to perform, and they were amazing! Some of the songs they sang included ‘Once an Austrian went yodelling’, ‘Swinging from a star’ and ‘Rawhide’. All the songs they performed were great and it was obvious how much they had prepared for this occasion. Some students volunteered to help the awesome band, from holding signs to singing they all put in a tremendous effort. The band was very enthusiastic and interactive. Some activities included singing and dancing and others just included doing actions. Overall, the performances were awesome, and we are super grateful for the huge amount of time and effort put into performing for our school. We would also like to thank Miss Pfeifer for organizing and making the performance happen.

Written by Adeline R. and Tilly S.

Resource Centre

What a great week Book Week! Students were involved in a number of activities surrounding the shortlisted stories in the library and in classrooms. In the library all classes participated in an art activity related to one of the shortlisted books in the weeks leading up to Book Week. During Book Week the lower and middle primary classes used Story Box Library to listen to the books and completed activities related to the story. The upper primary classes spent Friday afternoon participating in a quiz about books old and new. The Book Week parade was a lot of fun and it was wonderful seeing the students dressed as Book Characters.

Pastoral Care

Things to do in the school holidays

We are coming to the end of a busy term and school holidays are just around the corner.  For me and my family it is important that we give the kids a bit of rest time at home but it becomes even more important to get them out of the house before they tear the place apart.  I love creating experiences for my kids, in particular getting them outside to create their own adventures.  I find that on our adventure days the kids get along heaps better. They’re happy, sleep well and have memories that will last a long time.  I am not one for spending heaps on days out so here’s a list of great adventure days that are free or don’t cost too much.

Central Market

The Central Market has Big Market Adventures for Little Foodies and offer a variety of free and low cost activities including Market trails, Little Market Chefs and craft activities.  Check out the website for more information or bookings

SA Police Road Safety Centre 

I remember going to this as a kid and having a ball!  Take your bike and your helmet and let the kids ride their bikes around the mock roads, including traffic lights, intersections roundabouts and pedestrian crossings.

St Kilda Playground

No longer the old dodgy playground it used to be.  This is a fun day out for the family; big kids and adults too.  The kids will wear themselves out on the slides, flying fox, pirate ship and climbing equipment.  Take a picnic and make a day of it.  It’s worth the drive!

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

There is so much to explore at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  Grab a map and let the kids navigate the gardens and see if they can find all the places on the map.  The Botanic Gardens also has a museum that is worth visiting.  Next door to the botanic gardens museum is the Diggers Club.  Pick up some seeds and get the kids motivated to start their own vegetable patch!

Bike Trails

Sturt Gorge and O’Halloran Hill offer some great off road bike trails for those seeking a little more adventure.  For those that like something a little more relaxing take a ride along the Linear Park trails.

Sleeps Hill Tunnel

Explore the Watiparinga and Shepherds Hill Reserves and find the old tunnel.  An old steam train tunnel back in the late 1800’s, it has had an interesting history since its closure. In WW2 it was used as ammunition storage and in more recent years it was used to grow mushrooms and now as wine storage.  The tunnel is visible from the Belair line train and is a colourful landmark on the side of the hill.  Explore the surroundings and find the remains of the old train line that used to cross the gully.

Stuck at home? 

How about making a treasure hunt, baking or cooking a meal with the kids, building a fort with sheets and blankets, create a Lego challenge, creating a vegetable garden or make different types of paper planes and work out which one flies the best.

School holidays are great opportunity to spend some time outside soaking up the sun.  Not only is it a great time to create memories with the kids but it’s important for our wellbeing to breathe in some fresh air, move our bodies and to connect with those around us.  What will you do these holidays?